Our Process

Chinook Home Improvement Centre is the Interior’s licensed dealer of the CHIC Advanced Coating System. We restore, weatherproof and beautify homes across the Southern Alberta and beyond with the proprietary coating system. Learn More

The Leader in Weatherproof Wall Coatings™

Chinook Home Improvement Centre is the Southern Alberta’s authorized dealer for the CHIC® Advanced Coating System. For over 34 years CHIC’s weatherproof coating has been applied to the exterior of Canadian homes, restoring them to better-than-new condition while protecting them from the elements with a long-lasting, low-maintenance finish.

Application Process

The CHIC® installation procedures have been developed with the knowledge gained from thousands of CHIC® Installations performed over more than 30 years. Our methods are designed to ensure maximum durability and performance of the CHIC® Advanced Coating System.

1 Repair

Before a CHIC® application can begin it is necessary to properly repair any physical damage to the substrate. It is also necessary to resolve any underlying issues that may be causing moisture problems within the building envelope. These include but are not limited to:

  • Stucco Repairs
  • Masonry Repairs
  • Carpentry Work / Rot Repair
  • Replacement of Damaged Siding

2 Prepare

The quality of the finished product is directly influenced by the care and attention paid to proper surface preparation. The CHIC® preparation procedures are designed so that the CHIC® Coating can live up to its full potential and provide the client with the highest level of performance possible.

  • Surface Cleaning / Mildew Eradication
  • Removal of Old / Failing Paints & Coatings
  • Masking and Tarping of Surrounding Areas
  • Professional Caulking and Sealing

3 Apply

For any installed product to live up to its full potential, it must be installed correctly. To help ensure that each CHIC® installation follows our strict installation specifications, CHIC® is installed only by the professionals.

  • Multiple Coat Application
  • Applied to Specified Thickness
  • Allow Required Cure Time Between Coats
  • Material Applied Using Correct Equipment
  • Material Applied In Correct Conditions