Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about restoring your stucco?
The following are some of the most commonly asked questions.

No. It is water based and environmentally friendly. We clean our equipment with soap and cold water.It also meets or exceeds all local and federal standards for exterior wall application

Yes, this unique formulation has withstood the test of time in all climates from some of the harshest weather mother nature has to offer. As an example, consider this lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. Wind driven rain and salt water were literally eating the paint off the lighthouse and destroying it until the CHIC® Advanced Coating System was applied 20 years ago.

The CHIC® Advanced Coating System leaves a non-porous, smooth finish that resists dirt pick-up so it stays clean longer. Also, dirt will not adhere like paint so it is much easier to clean. This provides the homeowner with a beautiful finish that is easy to keep that way

The Peace Arch at the Canada/US Boarder, Vancouver’s Science World building, the US Consul General’s residence in Vancouver, Highrises, townhomes, office buildings, as well as literally thousands of houses and commercial buildings.

The Federal Government banned the use of lead and mercury in the manufacture of paints. This greatly reduced the ability for paint to resist the elements and shortened its life span. Also because paint is very thin and porous, it provides poor protection for the walls against the elements.

All types of surfaces including wood, fibercement (Hardy board ), brick, block, stucco, aluminum, vinyl siding, as well as asbestos siding.

Yes, the CHIC® Advanced Coating System is approved by historical societies to restore the home to its original condition while preserving the architectural details.

Because we feel so strongly about the quality of our jobs, our CHIC® Advanced Coating System is only installed by approved installers. From the initial wall preparation right through to the final clean-up you can rest assured that your job was done to the highest possible standards.

Absolutely! A non-breathable coating will cause extensive moisture related problems and rot to your building. The CHIC® Advanced Coating System creates a highly breathable surface which is also completely weatherproof.

After a thorough preparation of the exterior of your building, a three-coat system is applied by brushing, rolling or spraying or any combination thereof.

While some jobs can be completed in as little as three days, most homes can be completed within 5 working days.

We offer over 2000 standard colours with custom colours available.

Every job is different, please contact the office for a free no obligation estimate.

Chinook Home Improvement Centre was chosen to be an independent authorized CHIC® Advanced Coating System dealer of the Interior region.